The Last Stand 4 Walkthrough, Wiki: Choosing a Destination

Picking Places to Scout With Your Team

Once you have a team ready for combat, it is time to choose a destination. As a rule of thumb, the places closest to your compound have the lowest danger ratings. The further you go, the more dangerous it gets. And by danger, we mean more zombies. Of course, not all far-away structures are bad, some are also low-level in terms of danger, so be sure to double check the descriptions that appear in the pop-out info window.

If you are looking for specific items, such as weapons or food, you can use the toolbox on the left to highlight the places that you might want to consider scavenging from. Note that aside from a difficulty level, each location has its own timer –this means that once you leave the place after a successful mission, you will have to wait for that amount of time before your survivors are able to come back. Lastly, after you have successfully raided a location, the building or house will be locked for 24 hours before you can loot it again.

Basically, certain locations are more likely to have a specific type of loot; here is a quick guide to the various locations you can venture into:

Houses – can range from small residential types to large mansion-like varieties. But regardless of the size, houses are most likely to have caches of food and water as well as some wearable equipment lying around, be sure to look at bookshelves, the kitchen counter and even the bathroom cabinet for supplies.

Offices – usually store a wide variety of items that fall under the junk category –which makes them a great place to scout for raw materials. Desks and filing cabinets will often yield staplers, rulers and other assorted office equipment and computers will provide circuit boards. Try to keep an eye out for water coolers as those will often yield a few bottles of water for you to take.

Gun Shops – as one would expect, a gun shop often provides you with plenty of guns. Try to raid one early on to provide your troops with a full complement of long range weapons. Chances are, the first few pistols and rifles that you will get are pretty weak, but they will serve you well while scavenging.

Police Stations – tend to stock up on firearms and other forms of weaponry. They tend to be bigger than gun shops so expect to find more zombies as well as more loot. Large black trunks often have plenty of guns inside, and also be careful when entering the holding cells as there are usually zombies roaming inside.

Streets – it is easy to see that some human groups have used the streets as staging grounds for conflicts with zombies –evidenced by the various barricades that you will find. Obviously, the zombies had eventually won –but you can still benefit from this as these locations are likely to have weapons left behind by the fallen troops.

Warehouses – large warehouses often store crates worth of various raw materials ready for picking. They also have vending machines that you can loot for food and water. The shelves tend to span from one end of the room to another so use those as defensive walls against zombies (you can shoot through most of the shelves in warehouses.

Groceries – these places used to store aisles and aisles of food. Now, it seems that most groceries have been looted heavily by other survivors. Fortunately, you are still certain to find some useful consumables lying around. Be sure to give the coolers a second look as they might have some stuff within as well.

General Goods Stores – will not be highlighted on your resource toolbar as they play host to wide variety of lootable items. As such, you will only find them by moving your mouse across the map screen. These places are always worth looting as you are likely to find all sorts of resources and even a few weapons that might help you out.

Hospitals – are large and massive, so try to bring a good party into these locations. Expect to find food, water and plenty of junk in these places. Always keep an eye on the timer and keep your scavengers moving from one lootable container to the next.

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