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Going into Combat

After you decide on where to go and who to send, the game switches into the internal view of the location and allows you to control the survivors so that you can get useful items from the stage. The combat process of the game is simple; you charge into a location and systematically eradicate all zombies in the area while your scavengers loot the location for everything that is inside. The key here is to have sufficient firepower to overwhelm whatever forces you may encounter.

The rule in scavenging is that your survivors must be standing on the large green zone after five minutes of entering a building. This time limit rule is an important factor that must be observed as it will determine how much time you can spend foraging for things. This is why having fast scavengers is a big deal. If a survivor is not within the safe zone when you leave, they will be injured and will have to spend a bit of time recuperating in your compound.

To fight, simply get an enemy within a character's attack range, this will then cause the character to automatically fire at the target when multiple targets are present, they will aim for the one with the most proximity. Alternatively, you can manually control the combat by clicking on the character than aiming manually at a target.

Since scavengers have low HP, it is important that your fighters are able to protect them. The best way to do this is to move your fighter ahead so that they may clear out the immediate area, then send your scavenger in. If you have more than one fighter around, you will be able to do this faster as you can secure more locations in the map. If a room has now zombie spawn points and has some cabinets that you scavenge, position a fighter at the door to keep the zombies at bay.

Use the terrain to your advantage. Most tables and corner desks often serve as temporary barricades against zombies the fact that zombies will have to go around these will give your characters more time to shoot. As mentioned, doors and other paths will serve well as choke points for those times when the volume of zombies gets a little hard to manage. Large screen fences and jail doors also work well for this purpose too.

The best squad: for the beta release of the game, having a couple of scavengers and three fighters with good guns is always a great recipe for ensuring that you will be able to take down any zombie that charges at you. Keep your troops moving forward and carefully scan the entire location for any loot that you can scavenge after all, coming home empty handed is a the worst thing that can happen.

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