The Last Stand 4 Walkthrough, Wiki: Managing Your Inventory

Managing Your Inventory

Your inventory is divided into certain parts: weapons, gear, crafting and junk. From the all tab, you will be able to check all of the items you have gathered in your game. To access your inventory, simply click on the wooden crate icon and the window will pop out. For resources, you can choose to recycle any item in your inventory. Recycling will break down the items into small pieces or even into raw material. The small pieces are added into your crafting ingredients where they are used for building structures and also for crafting new items (crafting items is currently not available in Beta).

Weapons – these are the items you can equip on your survivors so that they will be able to fight against zombies without having to use their bare fists. Basically, there are two types of weapons: melee and ranged. Melee weapons will require that you get up close to a zombie and bash their brains in with a hammer, a bat, a wrench, hockey stick, electric guitar and what not. There are also blades that will allow your character to stab and slice zombies apart. As impressive as that may sound, melee combat leaves you prone to being surrounded by zombies as you will need to get near them. Survivors with melee weapons equipped will automatically move towards a nearby zombie to attack.

Ranged weapons on the other hand, makes your survivors act like towers –standing their ground while firing at any zombie that comes within their attack range (the attack range is a large white dotted circle around the character). As long as an enemy is within this circle and no obstacles are in between the player and the target, the player will automatically fire at the zombie (accuracy is calculated from the equipment stats and the character’s own ranged combat stats). The only weakness of a ranged weapon is the reload time –during this time, a survivor is unable to attack. If you cluster your survivors in small groups of ranged fighters, they will cover each other as they reload.

Also, ranged weapons come in different types. Some are simple handguns that have short range but have good firepower, some are small automatics with good stopping power. Assault rifles like the AK-47 have great range and can easily take down plenty of enemies and the long rifle types tend to have the farthest ranges.

Gear – the items in your gear are used as equipment by your survivors. Some are job specific –like the first aid bags that can only be used by medics and some can be used by anyone, like shoes that help improve movement speed. In the beta release, you can equip one gear per survivor (but it seems that a second slot will become available later on).

There are a variety of things that your survivors can wear to improve their stats. Eyewear, such as glasses and shades will help improve the range and accuracy when using firearms. Gloves and other hand protection gear will increase the scavenging speed of a player. Footwear is good for improving movement, and ammunition bags will help speed up a player’s reload speed (because you will have ammo clips easy to reach). There are more pieces of equipment that will be released once the final version of the game arrives.

Crafting – in this window, you will find an assortment of things that can be used for creating new equipment or structures. While equipment crafting is current not implemented, you can still use crafting equipment for your base. While it is not always recommended, you can choose to recycle crafting ingredients in order to gain raw materials.

Junk – your junk window is where all of your extra loot goes, basically, the ones that you do not have a direct need for. These are important since they are used as sources for crafting ingredients and for raw materials. Just remember that if your material storage is full, there is no need to use up your junk. Wait until you need a certain amount to supplement your current  stock or when you are short on a resource before proceeding to convert your junk. Lastly, there is no way for other players to loot your junk materials when they attack, so it is a good idea to store some junk as a source of raw materials in the event of a raid.


Your compound is situated in Union City, and as such, you are surrounded by houses, stores, police stations, gun shops, groceries and so many other places full of useful resources –that is if you can manage to take care of all the undead running around the various areas. And you will need to go out –maybe just next door to check if there are some edible foodstuffs laying around, or several blocks down to that big old warehouse to get more lumber and steel for construction. To do this, you will be deploying your survivors into small teams (of up to five members each) and guiding them through the process.

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