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Choosing Your People

For the most part, the only two useful job classes are scavengers and fighters. Fighters have great health and are able to weild any weapon proficiently. The best part of all is that they tend to be incredibly accurate which means that they can take down a good number of zombies before having to reload. Scavengers on the other hand make looking for resources move along fast, and with a 5 minute deadline for every mission, speeding things up really counts.

  • The Leader you only have one leader, and that is the character you make. By default, the leader is able to use the heal ability so if he or she is in the party, you will need on less medic (if any at all). As a leader you also choose another job class and we highly recommend the fighter or the scavenger.
  • Fighters these troops are strong, tough and very powerful. If you have a high level fighter with a good weapon equipped, you can assign him or her to watch over a zombie spawn point (those big holes in the walls) and not need any backup (you will need to take care of threats in other directions though). These guys are essential in any mission so be sure to have them properly armed with the best weapons you have.
  • Recon these are fast moving troops serve as scouts that are able to get in and out of an area without attracting much attention and with the fastest speed. For the beta version of the game, they do not have any other special abilities, though it is likely that they would be able to spot traps and other dangers ahead of other characters.
  • Engineers tough and heavy, these guys are best at working with their hands. This is probably why they are great when it comes to melee combat. In battle, they serve well as tanks (though fighters are still better overall). Outside of combat, they have no abilities in the Beta version, though it is assumed that they will provide helpful benefits in the warehouse when it comes to building and upgrading structures.
  • Scavengers one of the most important classes of the game: they speed up scavenging. You will want to have at least one scavenger in a mission in order to ensure that you are able to acquire as much loot as possible within the allotted time limit. It has also been stated that scavengers should be able to spot traps once the feature is implemented and they should also be able to disarm any such dangers that they find.
  • Medics these serve as healers to the group. In the event that a survivor is heavily wounded by an enemy, the medic can patch them up and get them back in fighting condition in no time. While the medics themselves have little offensive combat value, they do provide a decent amount of cover fire when they are grouped along with other survivors.

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